Thursday, June 21, 2012

How to Change the Default Color of Windows 7 Calendar Gadget

We all love that our PC should reflect our image – help others know what we are. Windows 7 operating system gives Desktop Personalization options using which we can change desktop, screen saver, sounds and place new gadgets that acts as handy tools on desktop. Among all default installed Windows 7 gadgets we find Windows 7 Calendar Gadget to be very useful and handy. But many times its default orange color will not match to our desktop personalization settings. In fact sometimes it looks very odd making overall effect of personalization setting ineffective.  On the more there is no direct way to change this gadget base color using its Options or by any other means.
But necessity is the mother of invention. I usually try to keep my PC reflect Me. Hence, I had devised following way to change default color of Calendar Gadget to any color we want. It will be fun to see transforming complete look of your desktop in your desired way.
Steps to Change the Default Color of Windows 7 Calendar Gadget:
  1. Go to folder %PROGRAMFILES%\Windows Sidebar\Gadgets
  2. Copy default Windows Calendar Gadget folder (Calendar.Gadget) to your convenient location. You need to do modification on the files contained in this folder.
  3. Rename above copied folder to your desired name; keeping last .Gadget part intact. For e.g. we can rename it MyBrownCalendar.Gadget. I will use this folder name further to refer our copied custom gadget calendar folder.
  4. In MyBrownCalendar.Gadget folder change all image files (drag.png, icon.png and ones found in images folder) that has presence of default calendar color; usually orange (#ff6400). By changing we means open these image files in your favorite painting editor like MSPaint, Paint.NET etc. and change all the portion containing default orange color to you desired color. You can choose any color, but whatever you choose maintain consistency and use same everywhere for better results.
  5. When you have updated all image files then move further to do some CSS file related changes. This file is found inside MyBrownCalendar.Gadget > en-US > css > Calendar.css. Do following changes in this file as per your color requirements:
    1. Changes regarding Today date color. Replace default color value #ff6400 in given below lines with your desired color value in hex. E.g. #0026ff for dark brown.
      1. {background:#ff6400;color:white}
      2. q.dow {font:bold;color:#ff6400;}
      3. {color:#ff6400}
    2. Changes regarding Month table’s border color which is displayed when Calendar is seen in full view. Replace default color value #dedfde in given below line with your desired color value in hex. E.g. #1a0605 for another shade of dark brown.
      1. {border-left:1 solid #dedfde}
    3. Changes regarding Month date change selection color. Replace default color value #ff6400 in given below line with your desired color value in hex. Please note do not keep this value same as Today date color value as given in step 5.1. Give some different color value here. Also give some color value which is dark like dark blue (:#0026ff) etc.
      1. {color:#ff6400}
  6. Once you are done with all these changes, just copy working copy of your folder MyBrownCalendar.Gadget back into %PROGRAMFILES%\Windows Sidebar\Gadgets. May be while copying you require Administrator rights.
  7. Now Open Gadgets Window (Right click Desktop > Gadgets) and you will find your Custom Background Color Calendar gadget there. It also shown with same name ‘Calendar’ along with default Calendar gadget but in different color. Double click on your Calendar gadget to install it.
With help of these steps you are done with steps of reforming you default Calendar gadget into your favorite color Calendar gadget.
Here are my customizations for Windows 7 calendar gadget:
Did you find this tip useful? Do you have another way to solve this problem? Let me know!


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  4. Cool thanks for the instructions. Would be really awesome if you could post files to those themes you created.

    1. Dear Valuable Reader(s),
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